Learning to Dance | Life as it Should Be

After so many moons of preparing (and indeed at times, “working” to create this Learning Community), we finally enjoyed the daily privilege of playing with the children we’ve been “working” so diligently to serve. Our first week was a playful dance of success. We began this dance with the intent to serve children, and the dance this week proved that we have done it. We served them.

Their hearts practiced the dance. Practiced the dance of life. Practiced dancing with joy. Practiced dancing success. Practiced the intricate dance of relationship. Practiced “playing” the music that is now, and will continue to always be, their life. Their hearts know what the truth is so much better than those of us who have reached adulthood… they know that the best way to live life is not to work it, but to play it. They immediately settled in to the groove.

As though to remind us that this “journey” is about playing rather than about getting somewhere, they requested an actual dance party on the last day of our week. As we turned down the lights so the disco ball could work its magic on the walls, requests for favorite songs flew and our hearts soared with our dancing bodies. We were not headed for a destination, we were living the joy of dancing.

I have learned so much in the beginning steps of this dance. I know I will learn more. I have a feeling that there are many, many, many steps yet to learn. So excited to be learning them from those we are serving in our own sweet Community.

May you continue the dance that is your own life. And enjoy every moment of it. This is your life. Dance it. Play it. There are many steps to learn. Be free to learn.

Our thanks to David Lindberg for this compilation of Alan Watts wisdom