passionate about empowering kids

Emily Quandt


As a child Emily was privileged to spend the majority of her time practicing what the Alliance for Self-Directed Education calls the six pillars of self-directed education: her social strata expected that she was responsible for her own education; she was given almost completely unlimited time to play, explore and pursue her own interests; she had the opportunity to play with the tools of her culture; she had access to a variety of caring adults who were helpers, not judges; regular free age-mixing between children, and adolescents; and she was immersed in a stable, supportive, respectful community.

It has been exciting for her to gather with likeminded individuals, founding FTL and building the local SDE community. The Agile Learning Centers tools and resources have provided her the perfect framework for her ideology both at Free to Learn as well as her home life, where kanban boards plaster her walls now!

She functions as director, facilitator, website developer, marketer and vision coherence holder, and is excited to continue to use her passion for empowering people to live their dreams, together with her love for kids! She loves that children are people too, loves empowering them to pursue their dreams and highest selves, and loves sharing her passions with the planet as a part of a greater good.

Her big vision is to see all the children of the world freed and she feels like she has found her life’s purpose in being a part of the Education Revolution!!!

Beth Glover

Co-Founder & Facilitator

Beth has spent years working with children and now has the privilege of being with her two sons every day.  She has completed early educational training as well as continuing to freely learn by gobbling up as much reading material as she can on the cutting edge philosophies of free learning.

Having spent many years as a preschool teacher, Beth knew that she wanted the fresh joys of learning that young children exude to continue on throughout their education.  She is diligent to provide a wide variety of tools for community members to use as they explore and expand their life experiences.

Her love of learning, love of people, trust in learning, trust in people shines through. Her belief that children are people shows in her willingness to offer all that she is when needed.

Mia Root


Mia joined the Free To Learn community in April 2017. Her enthusiasm and dedication to the philosophy of self-directed learning is boundless. Mia took a cross country trip to visit other ALC’s to get a better feel for how their communities are run. She is sharing the ideas gained with the community here at FTL.

With over 20 years of working with children, Mia has a wealth of hands-on experience creating a fun and safe environment. She likes expressing herself through dance, and creating different arts and crafts. She also enjoys sports, group activities, and outdoor adventures.

Mia grew up in the public school system, but home life was less structured where she had the freedom to explore. She strives to provide a warm and loving space where little humans learn naturally. She has always wanted to make a difference in this world and believes humanity will benefit from self-directed education.