passionate about empowering kids

Emily Quandt

Director & Facilitator

Emily’s super power would be a mirror of potential.  Every day here at Free to Learn our community members practice stepping into their potential to become their own super heros.  It is her joy and honor to be a part of their journey as she helps others see their own potential.

Joy Frey

Financial Administrator

Joy’s sweet smile shines with as much brightness as her business acumen.  She is a wonderful combination of visionary and practicality.  Joy is where the dream meets the daily practices.  A treasure for our community as we seek to implement dreams each and every day.

Beth Glover


Beth has spent years working with children and now has the privilege of being with her two sons every day.  She has completed early educational training as well as continuing to freely learn by gobbling up as much reading material as she can on the cutting edge philosophies of free learning.

Having spent many years as a preschool teacher, Beth knew that she wanted the fresh joys of learning that young children exude to continue on throughout their education.  She is diligent to provide a wide variety of tools for community members to use as they explore and expand their life experiences.

Her love of learning, love of people, trust in learning, trust in people shines through. Her belief that children are people shows in her willingness to offer all that she is when needed.