Inauguration Day 2017

A Moment in History

Today is a big day for our country.  We are honored to witness yet another successful cycle of the beautiful process which our democracy provides for, the peaceful transfer of power.  Today, that transfer took place when President Obama stepped down and officially turned power over to the new President Donald J. Trump. The final piece of this transition takes place during the Inaugural Ceremony.

Daily Democratic Moments

We were excited to see the same democratic process that we practice daily here at Free to Learn, work it’s magic yet again in our country. It is an exciting time for our children to intimately experience the system they have been privileged to be a part of both in their country and their daily learning community.

To explain more about the ceremony happening today, Dan Frey came in to our Rocklin Community this week for an Inauguration Day offering. He did a great job and we hope to have him do presentations on a regular basis.  Perhaps, next time we will record the audio from his lesson and share that as well!

Come see Democratic Learning

If you like this Free to Learn Offering, find out more about our wonderful democratic processes used with the children who take advantage of membership at Free to Learn by coming to our location to see for yourself. We have Open House Mondays this January where you can drop in to see what we offer in the Blacktop Comedy Theater building at 3101 Sunset Blvd, Rocklin, CA 95677.

We hope you enjoyed seeing the democratic process at work today as much as we enjoy seeing our young members practice it as a community everyday here at Free to Learn!